CIMExcel Software Inc.

Advanced Control and Optimization Solutions for Multiple Industries
CIMExcel Software Inc. delivers Advanced Control and Optimization Solutions, Simulators and Engineering Services to the following industries,
•   Power Industry
•   Energy Industry
•   Nuclear Industry
•   Pulp Industry
•   Paper Industry
•   Mineral Processing Industry
•   Manufacturing Industries  
The Advanced Control and Optimization Solutions provide significant improvements in performance and economic benefits. 
Solutions have been developed for some of the most challenging and difficult control problems in these industries.

The Simulators are used for control system checkout and startup, advanced control system design and testing,

and for comprehensive operator training simulators for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

We provide quality Engineering Services for all phases of the project including process analysis and estimation of potential improvements,
analysis and modeling of the operation, system configuration, programming, interfacing, integration, communications, databases, training and on-going support.


We also partner with other companies for these projects.
CIMExcel Software Inc. is located in Vancouver, B.C.
CIMExcel Software Inc. was founded in 1981 and is a privately held company.
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