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Advanced Boiler Control
For Improved Boiler Stability and Safety, Fuel Cost Efficiency, Environmental Compliance,
using Advanced Control and Optimization Strategies and implemented in existing DCSs.
•   Simultaneously Reduces Fuel Costs and Emissions (Particulates, CO2). 
•   Advanced Control of Combustion Air and Gas, Steam Drum Level, and Header Pressure.   
•   Optimization for Multi-Fuel Firing, Air-Fuel Ratios, and Air Distribution.
•   Combustion Rate Model.
•   Boiler Master with Load Allocation and Comprehensive Constraint Control.
•   Burner Management and Optimization.
•   Chemical Recovery Boiler Throughput, Consumed Air, and Air Distribution Optimization.
•   Active Control of the Solid Fuel Distribution on the Grate.
•   Grate Cleaning and Restart Optimization.
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