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Multi-Fuel Combustion Rate Model
CRM calculates the realtime combustion rate of variable quality fuels such as biomass, solid waste, and black liquor solids,
during steady and unsteady boiler operating conditions, using a Dynamic Heat Rate calculation which includes
the storage of energy in the steam generating sections of the boiler.
CRM is an enhancement to Furnace Cameras and other Furnace Instrumentation.
CRM determines the Combustion Rate Distribution of the Fuel on the Grate using
an array of Thermocouples which are mounted under the Grate.
CRM is the key component for the Advanced Boiler Control (ABC) Optimization strategies.
CRM can be used by boiler operators in order to know,
•   when the feedrate can be increased
•   the regions on the grate where the fuel combustion is better or worse  
•   how much of a feedrate correction is required during fuel quality disturbances and loss of combustion
•   where to distribute the fuel on the grate in order to recover and optimize the boiler operation for the fuel quality conditions
•   how to adjust the air distribution in order to optimize the boiler operation for the fuel quality conditions
•   how quickly can the fuel feedrate be increased after interruptions in the fuel delivery
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