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                                      Performance Trials of the Advanced Boiler Control (ABC) System
                                                for Biomass Boilers at Canadian Pulp and Paper Mills
The Advanced Boiler Control (ABC) System simultaneously reduces fuel costs and boiler emissions.
The ABC System can achieve significant performance improvements using advanced control and optimization strategies.
The ABC System is a strategic option for achieving the mill energy savings and environmental goals of the Green Transformation Program in a short period of time.
At no initial cost, CIMExcel Software Inc. will perform a 5 day Performance Trial of the ABC System for Biomass Boilers at Canadian Pulp and Paper Mills.
The objective of the ABC Performance Trial is to demonstrate,
·  the incremental increase in biomass combustion for the boiler
·  the incremental reduction in particulate emissions for the boiler 
The ABC Trial will be performed during variations in fuel quality and will demonstrate the incremental performance.
The ABC Trial will be performed using your existing control system, together with our portable ABC System.
For the ABC Performance Trial, we will require the following,
·  mill support to connect our portable ABC System to your existing control system
·  the availability of senior operators during the trial period (8 hours per day)
We require the availability of basic instrumentation and control devices.
Prior to performing the ABC Trial, we require some technical and performance data for the boiler,
and a statement of the performance improvement objectives for the boiler relative to the Green Transformation Program.

At the completion of the ABC Performance Trial, the mill will have the option to purchase the ABC technology and permanently install it on your boiler.

If you are interested in an ABC Performance Trial for your Biomass Boiler, please contact us at   tel: 604 531 9969

ABC System Performance:

Biomass Boiler A (MCR ~ 205 Tph, hog fuel moisture ~ 57%):
Hog steam was increased by 27 Tph (82 -> 109) resulting in a reduction of 15 barrels of oil per hour (from 35 barrels).
Biomass Boiler B (MCR ~ 114 Tph, hog fuel moisture ~ 56 %):
Hog steam was increased by 32 Tph (64 -> 96) resulting in the removal of all 17.5 barrels of oil per hour.
For another trial, the particulate emissions were reduced by 40% (from the permitted value) at the same hog fuel firing rate.
Biomass Boiler C (MCR ~ 55 Tph, hog fuel moisture ~ 60 %):
The hog steam was increased by 14 Tph (32 -> 46) resulting in the removal of all 8 barrels of oil per hour.
Additional ABC System information is available at   Advanced Boiler Control   and   Multi-Fuel Combustion Rate Model