CIMExcel Software Inc.

Advanced Control and Optimization Solutions for Multiple Industries
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We provide the following Engineering Services,

   Realtime Data Acquisition (via NI-DAQ and or OPC)
   Performance Analysis
   Principal Component Analysis
   Process Analysis and Modeling
   Process Identification
   Control Systems Requirements Analysis
   Process Equipment Improvements Analysis
   Operator Effectiveness Analysis
   Basic and Advanced Instrumentation Requirements
   Actuator and Control Device Requirements
   DCS/PLC Upgrade Analysis
   Performance Improvement Analysis
   Economic Analysis / Feasibility / Justification
   DCS/PLC Programming / Configuration / Implementation
   User Interface Design / Implementation
   System Checkout / Startup
   System Integration
   Realtime Interfacing
   OPC/ODBC Communications
   SQL Databases
   Application Interfacing/Integration
   Web Integration
   Custom Software
   On-going Support

Additional Project Services:

   Mechanical Engineering and Design
   Electrical Engineering and Design
   Networking and Communications
   Procurement / Installation / Testing / Acceptance
   Project Management