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Strategic Trim Optimization and Tactical Trim Optimization
The Strategic Trim Optimization (STO) and Tactical Trim Optimization (TTO) application is used by the Production Planner and Winder Operator.
The production planner uses the customer roll order and shipping information generated in the business or
supply chain management system together with warehouse roll inventory information.
The production planner gives the STO application a range for the rolls ordered corresponding to possible production scenarios.
The STO application determines a strategic trim plan for the order run which minimizes waste, and excess rolls, and slitter position changes.
Customers are assigned to the rolls based on the customer’s quality requirements (profile properties, defects, and lab tests)
and the historical paper machine roll quality performance. 
The customer with the tightest quality requirements relative to the historical roll quality performance is scheduled first in the order run. 
This significantly increases the saleable paper.